Petr Heyduk

Petr Heyduk

  • Opifer Partner
  • Business Strategy and Innovation Expert
Michal Korycan

Michal Koryčan

Portfolio manager
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Expert for analysis of Business Opportunities

Karel Šimeček

Leading consultant in IT
  • ICT Technology a Information
    Security expert
  • Highperformance computing
doc Lubomil Pospisil

Assoc. Prof. Lubomil Pospíšil

Leading consultant of non-seismic methods
  • Non-seismic Method Expert
prof Viliam Vatrt

Prof. Viliam Vatrt

Consultant of physical geodesy
  • Received many awards in Czech Republic and abroad
  • A World-renowned Scientists
Marek Goldbach

Marek Goldbach

Seismics consultant
  • Seismic Exploration and Interpretation Expert
  • Schlumberger Petrel Software Specialist
Lubos Sokol

Luboš Sokol

Geology consultant
  • Non-seismic Exploration and Interpretation Expert
  • ArcGis Software Specialist
Anastasia Melnyk

Anastasia Melnyk

Geophysics consultant
  • Oasis Montaj Software Specialist